GOLD PHYSICALS WEEKLY - FastMarkets gold premiums for August 28

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London 28/08/2015 -


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Gold 99.99% 1Kg Shanghai (SGE)

 2.00 / 3.00

Spot buying remains relatively better but still slack in long term and supply more than ample.  Traders seeing very little crossover from rout in equity markets.

Gold 99.99% 1Kg Hong Kong

 0.70 / 1.00

General downturn in East Asia premiums sees Hong Kong back below $1. Swiss bars at higher end of range, Japanese bars to jewellery manufacturers slightly lower.

Gold 99.99% 1Kg Singapore

 1.00 / 1.25

Downward trend in line with rest of East Asia, mainly Swiss bars.

Gold 99.99% 1Kg Tokyo (LBMA)

 -0.70 / -0.50

Discount widens as Hong Kong demand subdues.

Gold 99.5% 1Kg Ahmedabad/Mumbai

 1.00 / 2.00

August import figures set to surge past 100 tns, inventories already very high after 95tns in July.  Good monsoon season drawing to a close; pre-wedding and festival season buying begins.

Gold 96.5% Bangkok

 1.00 / 1.50

More sellers than buyers, supply ample.

Gold 99.5% 1Kg Istanbul (LBMA)

 -1.00 / 0.00

Record low lira weighing on premium, buying for wedding season appears to be fading. Many trades being done at discount, though discount has narrowed in recent sessions.

Gold 99.5% 1Kg Dubai

 0.50 / 0.70

Supply shortage fades, market back to normal level.

Gold 99.99% 1Kg Dubai

 0.30 / 0.50


Premiums are paid on top of the London spot price to acquire ownership or secure delivery of physical metal. Rates vary according to brand, purity and the size of order and depend on location and dealer. Duties may apply, depending on location.
FastMarkets premiums are nominal indications only, based on contributions from market sources, and should not be construed as actual bids and offers.

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